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Powerhouse 'AGT' singer Courtney Hadwin bewitched audience with latest stage appearance

Singer Courtney Hadwin shocked the world when she failed to win Season 13 of “America's Got Talent (AGT).” She was then recast on “America's Got Talent: The Champions.”

On Monday's episode of the new show, Hadwin revealed why she deserved a spot with other champions. She thrilled and mesmerized the audience by singing an original song.

“Americas Got Talent (AGT)” Season 13 finalist Courtney Hadwin, 14, returned to the stage on "AGT: The Champions.” On the new show, she's competing with other "AGT" contestants from around the world.

She added, "Champions is a second chance for my dream come true." The teenage singer also shared that she would be doing things differently on the new talent show.

"So there wouldn't be any point in doing Champions if I'm gonna do the same thing. I really want to show people something a bit different."

The young star then took to the stage to sing "Pretty Little Thing." After her performance and while receiving a standing ovation; she revealed that the song was actually an original.

Judge Simon Cowell responded to her performance saying: "Courtney that was bloody fantastic.” He added, "I think this has been my favorite performance of yours so far."

Hadwin initially earned the Golden Buzzer when she first performed for the judges during Season 13 of "AGT." She was voted out when she was in the top three finalists.

Monday was the first episode of “AGT: The Champions.” It featured contestants and winners from Britain, Holland, and Spain's versions of the original show.

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