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Vin Diesel vs The Rock : Which star has the buffest bod on Instagram?

They are two of the beefiest men in showbiz but which of these muscle-men is the mightiest? We examine the evidence…

These two buff actors are often compared, because of their action movies, bald heads and solid abs.

They worked together (not always harmoniously) on Fast and Furious 8 and with so much in common we are struggling to decide which is our favourite.

7 The competition between the pair is fast and furiousCredit: Instagram

What fuels Vin Diesel’s muscles? Does Dwayne Johnson really have “rock hard”?

There is really only one way to decide, with an Instagram peck-off.

So here is a direct comparison and all you need to know to decide who has the buffest bod.

The "screaming work out" shot


The pair both work hard at the gym

The "I've got bigger boobs than Pamela Anderson" shot

The pair flex their chest muscles

The "I take my work out very seriously" shot

They both post numerous work out pictures

The "You've won tickets to the gun show" shot

7 Both men strut around the gym bearing their bulging biceps

The "I've lost my T-shirt" shot

7 Both men enjoy a casual stroll without a T-shirt

The "check out my tats" shot

7 Both men enjoy exercising topless when the camera phone is around

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